No Thanks, I’m Not Hungry

I’ve been thinking a lot about my body. My curves. My ass, my breasts. I have a womens body, not one that I’m happy with. A lot of girls aren’t though. I’m just complaining. I workout, I go running and I work on my upper body. I do it all. I ran so hard I threw up on myself.. And just kept pushing through with the stench of vomit on my shirt. I want to be beautiful. I want a thin girls body, a size zero. Not an eight. I want to starve myself for punishments. I want to make my body regret ever having seconds. Image


About TheStoryOfBailey

My name is Bailey. I plan to be a teacher, a nurse, and anything my heart is set on.
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One Response to No Thanks, I’m Not Hungry

  1. Shay says:

    You are abusing your body- your temple. So what if you are a size eight? I bet you are beautiful. Workout, but you should eat to fuel your body.

    -Much love

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